Friday, August 6, 2010

catz & dog

Just thought you might like to see them

 Poppy the only one who likes the dog, well sort of and Jack and thai. 

They are all family, Jack and Thai are father and daughter and poppy is a cousin

And here is Holly, shes about 10 months now we travelled to Wales to collect her 3 days before Christmas from Many tears animal sanctuary, who i have to say are amazing.  I know they say dont buy a dog at christmas but it just turned out that way after our dog Kara of ten years had to be put to sleep.
Holly is a collie cross we were told but as she and her siblings were just found in a bin bag (disgusting i know) we will never really know what she is apart from very loved.

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  1. Sara, Holly is beautiful. I'm so glad that she's found her forever home with you. Some of the Stories we hear about the Dogs are