Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy, busy at last

Actually got something made, it's 1/12th scale linen basket made from plastic canvas and thread, it has a cotton floral lining and i have sewn a beed on top.  Thankyou  to Jane Laverick a fellow AIM member who kindly gave me some of her canvas to give it a go.   Im pleased witht the results and will definately do some more to sell on my site and at fairs.  Going to do diff colours. 

My son keeps reminding me that when i have 100 followers i have to do a givaway and i may add one of these basket as part of it.   20 more to go!!

Sara x :o)

Happy Birthday to me !!!

Feel a lot better today and its my birthday 44 years young.  Had a great day so far quiet but thats how i like it.  cool myspace layouts


A big welcome to Chipironini (Francesca), Paky and Jenya, you are always welcome to visit.

Sara x :o)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fed up

Hi just a quick moan really!  Not feeling to well today and everything i try to make goes wrong.  Tried stitching and i keep miss counting, decided to make bits with fimo and it just keeps going too soft on me , I dont know if its cos its a new pack or that im quite warm myself.  On top of this both kids are not well and its my birthday tomorrow.  Going to stop moaning now that never solves anything, think positive, i need to feel better for Sunday as i am visiting miniatura at the NEC as a birthday treat, really looking forward to it.  Im having a cup of tea now and then im going to have a rest for a while.  Sara x:o)

Monday, September 27, 2010

myspace layout images

A big welcome to paul and rapunzel hope you come back for many visits  Sara x :o)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holly pics

Holly then

Holly now

Holly's story, Many Tears Animal Rescue

After noticing one of my fellow bloggers Debbie had the Many Tears Animal rescue on her site i contacted her to see if she also had a dog from them.  (thankyou for your reply Debbie)  This made me think that i also should add them to my site.  First i decided to tell you about Holly.  Last year we nursed a very sick and old german shepherd until the day in September when we had no choice but to call the vet to our home to put her to rest.  After this emotional time, we said no more dogs because i didnt want to go through that again.  Time passed but my grieving didnt, i missed her company so much.  In the November my husband started to look on rescue sites, supposedly just looking, whilst looking over his shoulder i saw her and knew. As soon as i saw her, we started to get details of the centre,  when we found out they we in Wales(uk) and that we are 6 hours drive north my husband thought i was mad.  I couldnt stop thinking about her so we applied to be adoptors, we passed that and then 3 days before christmas we travelled the 6 miles there  and 6 back in the snow.  We dont get snow very often but it really came down.  I know they say dont get pups at christmas and this is right but we had not planned it that way.  As we entered the foster home and saw her runing to us it was love at first sight.  Holly and her siblings had been found in a bin bag ( i really cant understand some people) in Ireland and then rescued and brought to Wales.  Many Tears dont usually allow christmas adopting but with the amount of pups coming to them they didnt have much choice.  Holly was so good coming home and has continued to be a good pup, not even chewing much, and she was already totally house trained.  She is much loved and spoilt by us and freinds and she loves everyone back.  Kara our shepherd will never be forgotten and we have planted a red rose bush where she is buried in our garden but holly has helped me feel whole again.  Sara x


Hi and a mini welcome to Amy (Pan) TM, Miss Amelia, Sharon, Pepi_mali, Piikko and Maria.  Thankyou all for following my blog.  Also just noticed on my hit counter, exactly 1000 views, wow i would never have thought that a the begining.  Sara x :o)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Choir or Angels

Well halloween not done but Christmas looming.  Thought i better get a start.  You may have seen the little round balls on the plate of my first pumpkin post, well thy where the heads for the angels and this is how thay are finished, hope you like.  Sara x :o)

They will be going on my website for £1.50 each plus postage.. I know my details for postage are uk but it is not a problem to ship further. 


welcome Julie of Cottage kitty miniatures, so happy that more people want to view my blog. sara x :o)

Thankyou Tarayvonne

Thankyou for the advice.  I think painting could be the key, i will have to play about abit.  I have not really worked much in this medium but its becomining addictive.  Thanks again its nice when people give you advice.  Sara x:o)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two more pumpkins and two more welcomes

Welcome to Ascension and Otterine hope you come back for more visits. Sara x :o)

Had another go at the pumpkins, these are a liitle bigger but i think im getting the hang of it now,  unfortunately run out of the fimo, so i need to go shopping, what a shame!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

pumpkins pumpkins everywhere

I decided as everyone else was having a go that so would i.  Im not at any stretch of the imagination good at working with fimo but i do play with it for little bits like the candy canes and those will be angel heads, will show you the finished article later.  I dont even have any tools for it so i rely on the fimo, my fingers and anything i can find around the house or in my craft box.  I am really proud of my little pumpkin as it is the first one i have made.  could anyone give me some advice though, do i varnish it or something?

Sara x he he im really pleased with it :o)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another visitor

Hi Shelly, you joined as i was doing the welcome to the other two.  So welcome to you also and enjoy your visists

Sara x:o)


Id like to say hi and welcome to The old maid and Ree for following my blog, i hope you enjoy your visits
Sara x :o)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

welcome x 4

A big welcome to Jolanda, Unicornio,TallulaBelle and MonArt, please keep watching, Sara x

Halloween Masquerade

Just added this to my mask collection on my minidreamz site.  the little ghosts finish it of i think, perfect for disguising yourself on halloween night
This mask is a 1/12th scale item

Thursday, September 9, 2010


A warm welcome to my latest followers, Clara, Tarayvonne and leonardo.  Thankyou and i hope you enjoy the blog

Sara x:o)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

amigurumi kokeshi doll

Hi heres my new amigurumi design this is the bigger one at 8cm and have already started a mini one, not looking forward to the hair that size though. Hope you like her, i love kokeshi dolls of all types.  im supposed to be making these to sell at a craft fair but everytime i make something i want to keep it.  sara x :o)

Monday, September 6, 2010


Well ive hit the 50+, No not me, ive got a few more years yet.  My followers 52 yeh, although one of them is me, somehow i added myself when trying to leave a message for someone.

So Welcome to Anna Rosa, Terry, Christine, Heleni, Caroline, Thmini2 and Wanda, hope you enjoy your visits.

Sara x :o)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September AIM

Hi busy tonight,  the new issue of AIM free online mag is out today.  I have a story of a Victorian Mining school seen through the eyes of a character Rose Williams Aged 10.  Apart from my miniatures my other amition is to be able to write, so this was a pleasure to do.  The whole magazine is a joy to read and if you have not seen it before i recomend you take a look.  It is full of articles and projects.  Sara x


A big welcome to Looking Glass Miniatures, Cockerina, bonbon and Sugar Pink Boutique.  Nearly at 50 how exciting.

Sara x :))


Just a quick one to make you smile, This is Poppy if there is a space she will find it!!!! Its usually in my work boxes or ontop of work im doing.


A Mini welcome to Rosella, Lara, Kaisa, M Carmen and Karin, hope you enjoy your visits to my blog.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mini Amigurumi

I haven posted for the last couple of days except to welcomes because i have wanted to finish a challenge i gave myself.  As you know i only started crocheting about 5 months ago and my ultimate aim was to miniaturise.  Practising on larger and then trying to scale down.  Well i think ive done it and im so proud of my new teddy.  Hope you like her as much as i do.  I dont think i can go any smaller though or at least not without a lot more practice, i have sore fingers.

Sara x  

Oh and by the way do you like the chair, i picked up 3 of them from a local charity shop for £2.50, not bad i thought.

More Welcomes

Im so excited when people want to view my blog and again i have some welcoming to do

Moti, Alemikimikri, Erin, Maria, Kim, Nuri and Ana.  Welcome all and have fun with the blogging i certainly am.

Sara x