Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy, busy at last

Actually got something made, it's 1/12th scale linen basket made from plastic canvas and thread, it has a cotton floral lining and i have sewn a beed on top.  Thankyou  to Jane Laverick a fellow AIM member who kindly gave me some of her canvas to give it a go.   Im pleased witht the results and will definately do some more to sell on my site and at fairs.  Going to do diff colours. 

My son keeps reminding me that when i have 100 followers i have to do a givaway and i may add one of these basket as part of it.   20 more to go!!

Sara x :o)


  1. What a beautiful linen basket Sara!

  2. wht a nice item you made.
    I'd realy love the size and colour.
    Wrealy lovely

  3. Es preciosa y muy original¡¡¡ El color es mi favorito.Enhorabuena por tu trabajo.Saludos

  4. I love it, it's so cute! Also, I love the colors.
    -Kim :)