Friday, September 17, 2010

Choir or Angels

Well halloween not done but Christmas looming.  Thought i better get a start.  You may have seen the little round balls on the plate of my first pumpkin post, well thy where the heads for the angels and this is how thay are finished, hope you like.  Sara x :o)

They will be going on my website for £1.50 each plus postage.. I know my details for postage are uk but it is not a problem to ship further. 


  1. Can't believe we are getting ready for te run up to Christmas again but your little angels are lovely.

  2. Hi Sara, thank you for the question on my blog about Many Tears.I tried to find your email, but couldn't find it. When we lived in Kent, I was a home vetter, for Last Chance. Who was also set up by Sylvia. We got Jasper from there. When we moved to Wales, I found out that Sylvia had returned from the USA to Wales and set up Many Tears. So I volunteered to be a home vetter here as well. So pleased that you rescued Holly from there..xxxx