Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fed up

Hi just a quick moan really!  Not feeling to well today and everything i try to make goes wrong.  Tried stitching and i keep miss counting, decided to make bits with fimo and it just keeps going too soft on me , I dont know if its cos its a new pack or that im quite warm myself.  On top of this both kids are not well and its my birthday tomorrow.  Going to stop moaning now that never solves anything, think positive, i need to feel better for Sunday as i am visiting miniatura at the NEC as a birthday treat, really looking forward to it.  Im having a cup of tea now and then im going to have a rest for a while.  Sara x:o)


  1. Hope you and your loved ones feel better soon!
    -Kim :)

  2. Hope you and family feel better soon. Maybe all thoses things that are going wrong are telling you that you need to rest. Get well soon friend. Big Hugs

  3. Espero que ese malestar se te pase pronto. Seguro que estás cansada. Un profundo respiro y las cosas se ven de manera distinta. Abrazos