Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holly's story, Many Tears Animal Rescue

After noticing one of my fellow bloggers Debbie had the Many Tears Animal rescue on her site i contacted her to see if she also had a dog from them.  (thankyou for your reply Debbie)  This made me think that i also should add them to my site.  First i decided to tell you about Holly.  Last year we nursed a very sick and old german shepherd until the day in September when we had no choice but to call the vet to our home to put her to rest.  After this emotional time, we said no more dogs because i didnt want to go through that again.  Time passed but my grieving didnt, i missed her company so much.  In the November my husband started to look on rescue sites, supposedly just looking, whilst looking over his shoulder i saw her and knew. As soon as i saw her, we started to get details of the centre,  when we found out they we in Wales(uk) and that we are 6 hours drive north my husband thought i was mad.  I couldnt stop thinking about her so we applied to be adoptors, we passed that and then 3 days before christmas we travelled the 6 miles there  and 6 back in the snow.  We dont get snow very often but it really came down.  I know they say dont get pups at christmas and this is right but we had not planned it that way.  As we entered the foster home and saw her runing to us it was love at first sight.  Holly and her siblings had been found in a bin bag ( i really cant understand some people) in Ireland and then rescued and brought to Wales.  Many Tears dont usually allow christmas adopting but with the amount of pups coming to them they didnt have much choice.  Holly was so good coming home and has continued to be a good pup, not even chewing much, and she was already totally house trained.  She is much loved and spoilt by us and freinds and she loves everyone back.  Kara our shepherd will never be forgotten and we have planted a red rose bush where she is buried in our garden but holly has helped me feel whole again.  Sara x


  1. Sara I had missed this post. How lucky for you to get Holly, I can tell by her eyes she is a sweetie. It is so hard to loose a dog. Our last German Shepherd Four lived with us for 13 years, we said good bye on June 3 2009. I thought my heart would break and I never wanted another. I got Annie Dec. 28 2010, she isn't Four but is just as special in my heart even tho she has a streak of devil in her.I just can't imagine life without a special friend.

    Victoria ♥

  2. I got Annie Dec. 28 2009 not 2010 which isn't here yet.

  3. Hi Sara im so happy that holly found a loving home im a firm believer in amimal rescue and now have six cats and four Rabbits(originally six) because of it its a lovely thing you have done and Holly looks gorgeous