Wednesday, September 15, 2010

pumpkins pumpkins everywhere

I decided as everyone else was having a go that so would i.  Im not at any stretch of the imagination good at working with fimo but i do play with it for little bits like the candy canes and those will be angel heads, will show you the finished article later.  I dont even have any tools for it so i rely on the fimo, my fingers and anything i can find around the house or in my craft box.  I am really proud of my little pumpkin as it is the first one i have made.  could anyone give me some advice though, do i varnish it or something?

Sara x he he im really pleased with it :o)


  1. Sara la calabaza te ha quedado preciosa.
    Yo he subido a mi blog mi ultimo trabajo, un huerto de bruja con calabazas y mandragoras.
    Yo por lo general no le doy brillo a las calabazas para que parezcan mas reales.
    Cuando hago una tetera con forma de calabaza, si le doy brillo para que parezca porcelana.
    besitos ascension