Friday, December 3, 2010

Snow days

For some of you the amount of snow is laughable but when you come from and area that snow is rare you can see why ours has caused excitement.

Most years we get a bit but usually not more than a couple of inches but this year it certainly came down and brought much of the UK to a standstill.  Here are some pictures of the snow and of Holly who absolutely loves it.  We have had more snow since the pictures and the weather people say more may be on its way.  The kids have been happy though as there has been no school.    Sara x :o)


  1. I admit, snow looks beautiful. Here in the north we have a lot of snow every winter. Children like to play in the snow too. But although a lot of snow and frost, they must always go to school! Maybe we should move the UK!?:D

  2. Looks like where I live Sara. Glad Holly loves the snow, my Annie sure does. Stay Warm.

    Victoria ♥