Monday, October 17, 2011

Spooky goings on

Hi, I know I keep disappearing but life just keeps getting too busy.  Yes it is that season for spooky items and this year as well as my own creations my husband has also joined in and whether i want to admit it or not he has done a pretty good job.    I have included pics of my own work and of his amazing wands, wizards staffs and brooms.   We are still working on more designs and are aiming to put them on my web site, ebay and Folksy.  Hope you like them.  Oh I suppose i should say that they are all 1/12th scale
Sara x:o))


  1. Awesome Sara!!!
    Good to see you post:)


  2. love it all. The brooms are my faves! Great job! And to be working..(playing) in clay together is awesome! XOX Christel