Monday, April 21, 2014

Sewing box find

I have been looking for a sewing box in a vintage style for some time now but up to now they have either been too expensive for what they were or in very poor condition.  Today we visited a small antiques center and I was lucky enough to find this this gem and at only £7.50.  Not convinced it is as old as label suggested but it is in good condition :o) x

Granny Square update

Well haven't finished all the squares but I have decided I will start to sew in the ends and crochet together the ones that I have got.  I am glad I have because now looking at the size I can get away with less squares.  I have decided on a 8x8 square shape with a border and edge to finish it, so still a lot of work :o) x

Sunday, April 20, 2014

crochet earings

Here are some earings that I made for myself but after many comment from friends I think I will get some made up and put on my Etsy site.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Amigurumi Bunny Design

Just finished this little girl, hope you like her :o) xx  she sits about 4 inches including the ears and is made in a 4ply wool

Charity shop find

Found this lovely bit of fabric in my local charity shop.  I have not got a clue what i will use it for but it is pretty :o) x

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Book review

This was a few months ago in Simply Crochet here in the Uk. you  It is always good to see nice things said about :o) x

Mine is the Mini Amigurumi x

My Business Card
Please take a look at my other sites

Poppy in a box

Well no surprise here Poppy yet again making  a bed out of one of my craft boxes :o) x

Monday, April 14, 2014

Granny square update

Well, I know many people go through the discussion of whether to sew in the ends of the squares as you go or at the end.  I decided to go with at the end, may regret that!

Got 51 squares now, only 93 to go

This weeks class project

This pattern is from the Simply Crochet Magazine.  My class had asked me for something traditional and because this is not round it appealed to me more.

I have done it in craft cotton not the doubled up 4ply it suggests but for the class and other peoples finances  this worked out better.  It is a little more chunky but I like the results.

I do not usually need to pin work but due the shape it became essential

Bunny crumpets

could resist ;o) x  These are from Asda and as crumpets on weight watchers seem to be my main food I had to have.  I know some will think its odd but the topping is peanut butter and banana

Friday, April 11, 2014


Here are some 1/12th scale cushions I am working on, aiming to do a mini cupcake sampler to match them :o) x

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Jack having a sunbathing on my sewing, he insists on sitting where I am working ;o) x 

crochet bits and bobs

Random samples that I have made up for class projects :o) x

Strawberry Bracelet

Bracelet made from my Mini Amigurumi book with crochet strawberries :o) x

Monday, April 7, 2014

This month Article

I am always proud to show off my magazine work so here is this month cross stitch design for "The Dolls House Magazine" here in the UK. :o) x

Easter Soon, Little Chic for the class project this week

Loved this one, I am always happy when it is amigurumi time.  This little girl is for my class to do this week, so I hope they like her.

The only issue I had was with the photography......Ahhhhh......Chocolate......   It killed me, I am trying to be so good on Weight Watches too.  I do not go with out chocolate but I know if I had started the egg I would eat the lot.  The only thing that stopped me was that before my son went to college I made a point of telling him he can have it when he comes home.  I think it was worth opening it though because she does look cute sitting on it. ;o) x

Granny square update 2

Well that week went a little to fast for my liking.  Had a lot of other projects on the go this week but I have made some squares.   At the present I have 40 but still a long way to go but nearly under that 100 mark, that is my aim for tonight.  Thankfully I am not bored yet and I am pleased with the way the wool is going, seem to be getting more squares than I expected.  I am keeping track of the wool used and will list amount when I have finished. :o) x